Reusable water bottleA Touch of Taupe

A Touch of Taupe

Earthy, warm, and timeless, this is a tone as eternal as the Earth itself and evokes the quiet confidence of all who wear it. More than a neutral, this taupe colourway is a statement of style that is simultaneously as ancient as the clifftops and as soft as natural cashmere.


  • 16oz — 470ml
  • 19oz — 560ml



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Consciously designed with eco-friendly materials, this is a bottle that’s with you for life’s journeys.

About the bottle

Easy to care for, this bottle is designed for the long-term. Composed of two main parts, it can be opened for convenient cleaning, then easily reassembled. The bottom section can also be used on its own as a cup, so you can keep rehydrated and replenished anywhere.

This bottle is made with materials optimized for drinks between 4°C and 70°C. Please do not freeze or use with boiling liquids.

  • Easy to clean

    Easy to clean

  • Odor resistant

    Odor resistant

  • Leak proof

    Leak proof

  • BPA free

    BPA free

A Touch of Taupe19oz — 560ml


Sturdy handle and screw cap


Small and wide openings for easy drinking


Convenient disassembly for cleaning


Anti-slip leather textured band


Bottom section doubles as a cup

Design concept
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Sturdy handle and screw capSmall and wide openings for easy drinkingConvenient disassembly for cleaning Anti-slip leather textured bandBottom section doubles as a cup

Inspired by the people around us, our designs empower those with dynamic lives to replenish their bodies with what they need and creatively express their sense of style, wherever they are.

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  • Simplicity


  • Sustainability


  • Style


  • 1 percent for the planet
1 percent for the planet