Life rules

Whether you’re striving for more, learning to love, finding peace or changing up your energy levels – we are on the journey with you.

Little commitments to positive change can make a huge difference. When caring for the planet and ourselves, we’ve always found our #liveKando life rules help steer us in the right direction. We hope that by sharing, they can guide you, too.

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Life rules

Rule no.1

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Rule no.2

Say bye to single-use plastics.

Rule no.3

Seek silver linings

Rule no.4

Team up

Rule. no5

Get creative

Rule no.6

Give back

Rule no.7

Think first

Rule no.8

Cultivate empathy

Rule no.9

Love your home

Rule no.1 Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Water is in our every cell. It is an essential ingredient for life. Every day, every hour, just stop and sip. Your body will thank you. 8–10 glasses a day goes a long way!

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Say bye to single-use plastics

Rule no.2 Say bye to single-use plastics.

With amazing alternatives available to single-use plastic products, there is no excuse for choosing items that end up in a landfill, or our oceans. A little planning ahead means you can say no to disposables.


Rule no.3 Seek silver linings

It’s tough to find the positives when the odds are stacked against you but, striving to be grateful for what you have and find the good in every situation can alleviate disappointment, hurt and confusion. Focus on something small that still makes you smile.

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Rule no.4 Team up

Surround yourself with the support of positive people. Collaboration, and the ability to work with others and pool ideas, is a key ingredient to success and fulfilment.

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Rule. no5 Get creative

Take the time to see things differently and express yourself. Being creative can mean looking at a problem from different angles, sketching in a notebook, or brainstorming with abandon.


Rule no.6 Give back

Most of us have more than we need. Find ways to share and care by making donations – even if it’s your time or belongings you don’t need any longer. Pay it forward and never say no to an opportunity to help.


Rule no.7 Think first

It’s easy to be impulsive, but before you say or do something you’ll regret, pause. Big decisions deserve a moment of reflection and consideration.

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Rule no.8 Cultivate empathy

Consider other views and perspectives and put yourself in another’s shoes. Try to see where someone else is coming from, or think about what their own motivations, fears, hopes or dreams may be.

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Rule no.9 Love your home

Our planet is precious; think about the impact of actions on the Earth. It’s easy to think the grass is greener, but with our home, there isn’t another one. Whether picking up litter on a walk, or making eco-conscious decisions in what you buy, the tiniest choice can make a big difference.

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